We Exchange Contacts, Not Business Cards Your Voice, Our Network Where Connections are Nurtured

We Exchange Contacts,
Not Business Cards
Your Voice,
Our Network
Where Connections
are Nurtured

The Clique Club is a members-only club for the dynamic and innovative people with a penchant for networking and meeting like-minded individuals.


Our purpose stands to bring like-minded individuals to inspire, network and grow personally and professionally.


Our vision is to have over 2500 members globally by 2021 who are a part of a networking community where they learn and grow in their professional career.


We aim to bring together individuals from around the world, through physical and virtual events and connect them to each other in a positive networking realm.

Our Networking Platforms

Get Wired With Clique

#GrowYourClique from the comfort of your homes. 
You’re one step closer to building your new network, your new Clique through an interactive and collaborative virtual platform.

The Clique Club

Become part of a members only club and access exclusive events that encourage networking, collaborations, and connections amongst its members. Our membership entails access to curated private events, VIP brand associations and numerous other opportunities for networking with creatives and industry professionals across the globe.
A Glimpse Into 
Our Clique.
A Glimpse Into 
Our Clique.
0 %
of professionals consider face-to-face communication vital for long term business prospects.
0 %
say they build stronger, more meaningful business relationships during in-person meetings and conferences.
0 %
of B2B marketers prefer webinars as a viable avenue to generate high-quality leads.

The Soul Behind It All

A young, charismatic entrepreneur with fantastic interpersonal relationships, Priyanjali’s vision behind The Clique Club is“to deliver an experience to remember and resonate with.”

Priyanjali Dhoot Malpani 
– Founder & CEO

Know Your Clique

The Clique Club curates events on a monthly basis for our members where connectivity, creativity, and collaboration converge.
"The Clique Club has been an amazing experience for me- this is my first stint of signing up with the 'the networking group' and it has changed the way I imagined networking (transitional and boring). TCC is instead building a real family whose members support, and truly desire to elevate each other rather than just provide a platform for posting requirements. It is informal, fun, and engaging, and has given me friends rather than just contact cards.
Ketan Mavinkurve
Alpha Coach- Mumbai
The Clique Club was the first networking event I attended amid lockdown after getting bored with social distancing, the plunge was to enter the virtual digital networking world and I am quite happy to say I've never looked behind. the contacts and network I have built since then have been invaluable and my client portfolio has been expanded with lots of exciting projects because of it. We're like a little community of event brilliance. Thanks for bringing us all together TCC.
Aditya Sisodia
Life Coach - Greater Noida
The Clique Club has indeed been an amazing journey. The sessions have always been more than entertaining. The energy that everyone brings to each meeting is just absolutely amazing. The more sessions I attended, the more I wanted out of Clique.
Nishant Shah
LAC Relocation - Mumbai
Being a member I have got a chance to connect to soo many people and each one of them fills in soo much enthusiasm and energy in me - it's worth being a member.
Bijal Majithia
Counselling Psychiatrist and Youtuber - Mumbai

Brand Associations

Stay connected with your Clique. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop.

Stay connected with your Clique.
Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop.


You can cancel your membership at any time. No refunds will be available.
A new membership card will be issued to you within 4 weeks at an additional charge.

Membership commences from the month the payment has been made.

Memberships are non-transferable.

Memberships are renewed  on an annual basis.

We curate networking experiences that range from a cocktail masterclass to fitness workshops. These unfold in the form of interactive webinars across various digital platforms as well as physical events.

Membership is extended towards men and women between the ages 21 – 44.

Memberships are provided for a period of 6 months or a year.

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Brand Association
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